glasses shop  眼鏡店
glasses           眼鏡
colored glasses   有色眼鏡
bridge  眼鏡中間的鼻樑架
frame   (眼鏡的)框
rounded frame 圓的鏡框

rimless   [ˋrɪmlɪs]無框的

gold frames   
silver frames

glasses frames  鏡框
round glasses  
rimless glasses

hinge  [hɪndʒ]  絞鍊
arm     眼鏡臂

neck strap  眼鏡鍊


I can't see very well without glasses.

Do you wear glasses?

My eyeglass frame is broken. 我的眼鏡框斷了

contact lens      隱形眼鏡

lens    鏡片
lens-cleaning cloth
lens gel

gently clean the lenses

daily disposable contacts  日拋式隱形眼鏡
weekly disposable contacts  週拋式隱形眼鏡
disposable  拋棄的

contact lens case 隱形眼鏡保存盒

contact lotion    隱形眼鏡藥水(保養液)

What kind of contacts do you wear?

I'm looking for my contacts. It fell out.

How can I put my contact back in my eye?

sunglasses        太陽眼鏡
not use your shirt to clean your eyeglasses

shades 太陽眼鏡

That guy has a nice set of shades

reading glasses 老花眼戴的方便閱讀用的眼鏡

opera glasses  (觀劇用的)小型雙眼望遠鏡
goggle [ˋgɑg!] 護目鏡
To disguise myself I put on a pair of big goggles and an old-fashioned dress.

為了偽裝自己, 我戴上一副大太陽鏡並穿上一件老式連衣裙。

a new pair of eyeglasses      一副新眼鏡
a new pair of contact lenses  一副新隱形眼鏡

wear glasses          戴眼鏡
wear contact lenses   戴隱形眼鏡

When did you start wearing glasses?

I started wearing glasses in sixth grade.
I got my first pair in senior high school.

Taking Care of Your Eyes 眼部保健實用對話~挑選眼鏡 (可以線上收聽英文對話)

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