coloring pictures of the Moon Lady Chang Er, other legends related to Moon Festival 中秋節可著色的圖片

Chinese Moon Festival (中秋節學習單)

Moon Festival中秋節繪本,歌曲

Moon Festival 中秋節可著色的圖片

  教學活動分享The Origin of Mid-Autumn Festival

Lesson Plan of Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival)(中秋節學習單)

Mid Autumn Festivals (中秋節故事和可著色的圖片)


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  • vyone
  • colouring pictures
  • Candy
  • I like Xihaha's colouring pictures, very special and beautiful.
  • I'm glad you like them.
    Those sites are very kind to offer us
    those FREE printable colouring pages.
    I also love them a lot.

    twhinet 於 2010/09/17 17:57 回覆

  • tension520
  • Thank you so much~

    Your sharing is wonderful!
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