Hello. 哈囉

Hello. (公司名).       哈囉, (公司名)

(公司名). May I help you?  (公司名)我可以為你服務嗎?

Good morning. (公司名).   早安 (公司名).

Good afternoon. (公司名). 午安 (公司名).

Good evening. (公司名).   晚安 (公司名).


I would like to speak to (人名) . 我想要和(人名)談話/麻煩找(人名)聽電話

=May I speak to (人名)?

=May I speak with (人名)?


This is (人名). 我就是(人名).

Speaking. 我就是

(人名) speaking. 我就是(人名)

You are speaking to (人名). 我就是(人名)


Can I speak to (人名)?  請問(人名)在嗎?


Who is calling, please? 請問您是哪位?

May I ask who is calling? 我可以請問您是哪位嗎?

May I have your name? 請問你的大名?

May I take your name?   我可以知道你的大名嗎?



Just a moment. 請等一下


A moment, please. 請稍等


Please hold.     請等一下

Just a second. 請稍等



put through 轉接

(公司名). How may I direct your call?   (公司名). 請問你電話要轉哪位?

I’ll put you through to the (部門名稱). 我會幫你轉接到(部門名稱).

Let me put you through to the (部門名稱). 讓我幫你轉接到(部門名稱).

I'll put you through.                 我幫你轉接

Please hold., I'll transfer you. 請等一下,我幫你轉接


transfer  轉接

I’ll transfer you to …   我會幫你轉接給

Let me transfer you to …   讓我幫你轉接給

I will transfer you.    我幫你轉接


connect 接通

I’ll connect you to the (部門名稱). 我會幫你接到(部門名稱).

Let me connect you to the (部門名稱). 讓我幫你接到(部門名稱).

I will connect you.    我幫你轉接


extension  分機(其縮寫為ext.)

Her extension is 256. 她的分機是256

Extension 105, please.  請轉分機105,謝謝


May I take a message?    你要留言嗎?

=Would you like to leave a message?


Can I take a message for you? 我可以幫你留言嗎?

May I leave a message for (人名)?   我可以留言給(人名)?


Could you take a message for (人名)? 你可以幫我留言給(人名)?


Let me repeat your message, just to confirm. 讓我重複一次你的訊息¸ 確認一下


Would you please spell your name for me? 可以請你將名字拼給我嗎?


(人名) is out. (人名)不在,外出了喔

(人名) is not in now. (人名) 現在不在

=(人名) isn’t here now.

(人名) is out for lunch. (人名) 外出用餐

(人名) is not available. (人名) 沒有空

(人名) is tied up.       (人名) 在忙


Sorry, her line is busy. 對不起, 她忙線中

= Sorry, her line is engaged. 對不起, 她忙線中


Would you please try later? 可以請你稍後再撥嗎?


She will be back in about one hour. 她大約一小時後會回來


Does she have your number? 她有你的電話嗎?


I’ll call her back.  我會回電給她

I’ll call her again.   我會再打給她

I’ll call another time. 我改天再打


Sorry, you have the wrong number. 抱歉,你打錯電話了

Sorry, I think I have the wrong number. 抱歉, 我想我打錯電話了


She doesn’t have a direct line, please try our switchboard. 她沒有專線, 請打總機


I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 我會盡快回你消息


Can you give me your fax number? 你能給我你們的傳真號碼嗎?


phone manufacture   電話製造商



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