M4C – meet for coffee
Are you free this week? If so, let’s M4C


BTW 順便一提

 = by the way


J/K – Just kidding  只是開玩笑
A: Oops, I accidentally deleted all your photos off your phone!
B: What!?
A: J/K


TTYL – talk to you later  等會兒再聊

I need to go now! TTYL


IRL (In Real Life) 現實生活中

IRL, money does not always bring happiness! "


OIC (Oh I see) 我明白了

A: Hi David, what time is our meeting tomorrow?

B: 1:30PM. Straight after lunch.

A: OIC, thanks! "


BRB   馬上回來

=  be right back 

THX – Thanks 謝啦
Thx for helping out with my homework yesterday!

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