Society is faced with many problems these days. 

One of the biggest problems is the

 (e.g. deforestation, polluted water and bad air).

 One thing everyone can do to help the environment is to recycle.  


The first thing you do when recycling is to separate your garbage

Look at your garbage and see what it is made of (e.g. plastic, paper or metal). 


After that, take it to a recycling area. Look at the different bins

Make sure to put your garbage into the right bin. 

Don't forget to recycle your old batteries too! 

Following these steps can help keep our environment beautiful.

environment   環境
deforestation  砍伐森林[]
recycling           (資源,垃圾)回收利用
separate your garbage   垃圾分類
make of           以...為材料製成
bin                    箱子
old batteries  舊電池
recycle old batteries 回收舊電池




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