I Love Taiwan-- the Lantern Festival    Author : Jill Tsai 
 我愛台灣──花燈節       蔡旻君 撰  

The Lantern Festival is one of the most important festivals in Taiwanese culture.
It is celebrated on the 15th day of the First Month during the Chinese New Year period 
(Celebration of the Lantern Festival. 18 Jun. 2002).

Lantern Festival: a Chinese festival 元宵節

Lanterns are the main feature in this big festival and craftsman will 
make paper lanterns or plastic lanterns of beautiful colors and 
different Chinese characters. They can be animals, cartoon characters,
 flowers or other forms. This kind of lantern exhibition attracts the young 
and old, especially families and lovers. You can see people taking pictures
everywhere in the lantern exhibition (Celebration of, 18 Jun. 2007).


Children enjoy the Lantern Festival because they can play with fireworks happily.
 This makes  this festival cheerful. The adults like to solve riddles. They like to 
ask about or figure out lantern riddles. Those riddles may be written on pieces 
of paper and posted on lanterns or walls. Anyone solving the riddle will be given
a prize. Besides, sending the sky lanterns off at night is a must in this big festival.
 The sky lantern is a symbol of peace, good wishes and safety. That's why we 
write down our wishes on them before we send the lanterns off to the sky and 
believe our wishes will be fulfilled in the near future (China the Beautiful, 18 Jun. 2007).


riddle: a puzzling question謎語

On the other hand, almost every festival has its symbolic food for the day and
 the Lantern Festival is named after this special food, Yuanxiao. Yunxiao is 
another way that Taiwanese people address theLantern Festival. Yunxiao 
is the typical food for the Lantern Festival. It is dumpling-like and tastes sweet 
and is made with glutinious rice. It is filled with sweet stuffing inside such as 
peanuts or thick sesame sauce (China the Beautiful, 18 Jun. 2007). 
glutinous: sticky 黏的
sesame sauce: a dressing 芝麻醬 


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