garbage                   垃圾
garbage bags         垃圾袋
sort garbage           垃圾分類
separate garbage  垃圾分類

separate their trash into different kinds of recycling categories


the trash can for biodegradable kitchen waste
trash can     垃圾桶
kitchen waste       廚餘
biodegradable   []

pig fodder   豬飼料
fodder          飼料   []
compost      堆肥 []

Styrofoam          保麗龍 []
aluminum can  鋁罐 []
plastic jar          塑膠罐 

recycle               使再循環;再利用
recycling area

implement new trash recycling regulations
implement    實施 []


flat recyclable    平面類的資源回收
flat                       平的

bulky recyclables  立體類資源回收
bulky                        體積大的 []

collect flat recyclables      收平面類的資源回收
collect bulky recyclables  收立體資源回收

batteries                           電池

fluorescent light bulbs 日光燈泡

fluorescent          (發)螢光的;發亮的 []
fluorescent light           fluorescent light
light bulbs           燈泡

garbage truck     垃圾車

New Recycling Regulations   垃圾怎分類   2005/4/1

Ten cities and counties around Taiwan implemented new trash recycling regulations Friday. 

Following Taipei City’s lead, people in other parts of the country will have to 

separate their trash into different kinds of recycling categories

Those that get their trash mixed will be liable for a fine of up to NT$6,000.


This is the trash can for biodegradable kitchen waste

this one’s for flat recyclable items and this bag is for bulky recyclables

such as bottles and cans. Whoever runs this household is doing a good job 

of separating their trash. From Friday onwards, if you put different kinds of trash together 

in the same bag, you’ll get a fine. So if you’re still not too sure what trash goes where,

 take a close look.

Syu Mei-siou
Recycling Expert
This aluminum can and this plastic jar get put in the bag for metal, plastic and glass refuse. 

They are all bulky kinds of trash. Paper belongs to flat recyclable trash

You shouldn’t throw it away if you’ve just used one side.

 You can still use the other side. Once you’ve used both sides then you can recycle it.

 You can also make holes in the garbage bags so the water can run out

And if you put this kind of base at the bottom of the trash can, 

the excess water drains out there.

[[環保媽媽 徐美秀]]
“這是鋁罐 這是塑膠罐 鋁鐵塑膠玻璃都放在這個袋子 這屬於立體資源
報紙是屬於平面資源 沒有一面用完就丟掉 用完另一面還可以再用
兩面用完才可以回收 垃圾袋打洞 水可以流出來 這是架子 廚餘水會在下面”

But it’s much more complicated if you live in Taipei City.
Kitchen waste has to be divided into the kind that can be used for pig fodder

and the kind that can be used for compost. 

The garbage trucks collect flat recyclables on Mondays and Fridays, 

bulky recyclables
on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays, 

while on Fridays and Sundays, they’ll pick up batteries, fluorescent light bulbs 

and other small electrical items. If you live in any of the other nine cities 

and counties outside Taipei that are enforcing recycling

the system isn’t quite so strict. You’ll just have to 

bottles, cans and paper from the rest of your trash. 

Wherever you live, if you want to avoid a fine, 

you’d better find out quick exactly how to throw out what.



文章引用自: 民視英語新聞



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