epidemic  []    (a.)流行性,傳染的 ; (n.)[C] 流行病,時疫
the H1N1 epidemic



virus    [] (n.)[C] 病毒
1. the H1N1 virus
2. to fight the virus
3. to be confirmed to be suffering from a mild form of the virus
4. to resist the virus


swine  []       豬
flu     []    (n.) 【口】流行性感冒
the main anti-flu drug
swine flu  豬流感
swine flu virus
a swine flu patient
to be confirmed as a swine flu patient
to be diagnosed with the swine flu virus




shot []   注射
get a flu shot
The nurse gave me a flu shot.護士給我打了流行性感冒的針
free seasonal flu shots 公費流感疫苗



vaccine     []    (n.)接種疫苗
vaccinate []    (v.)接種疫苗;注射疫苗
vaccination   []  (n.)接種疫苗
new A(H1N1) vaccine
seasonal flu vaccine 季節流感疫苗
the H1N1 vaccination program
run out of flu vaccines 用完流感疫苗
vaccinate patients



dose  [] (藥物等的)一劑,一服
one dose 一劑
5 million doses 五百萬劑
People under nine years of age will need to be given two doses.九歲以下打兩劑


human trials    人體試驗
clinical trials 臨床試驗
clinical   []     臨床的



stock volume 庫存量
in stock  有現貨的
face shortages of the vaccine 面臨疫苗短缺(缺貨)
a global shortage of the seasonal flu vaccine季節性流感疫苗全球缺貨
shortfalls 缺貨
the vaccine is already in short supply缺貨



face mask       口罩
cleaning agent  清潔劑
medical cleaning agents




the Center for Disease Control  疾管局;美國疾病管制中心(CDC)
local health authorities
the Central Epidemics Command Center 中央流行疫情指揮中心
Health Minister Yaung Chih-liang 衛生署長楊志良
The Department of Health衛生署
health ministry 衛生部
public health office 衛生所

disease prevention efforts 防疫工作




break out  爆發(主要指不好的事情發生)

in severe cases  嚴重病例

death toll 死亡人數
new fatal cases 新的死亡案例


fatality  []  (n,)(疾病等)致命;不治
A (H1N1) fatality
the fatality of certain diseases  某些疾病的致命性


hospitalize []   使住院治療
hospitalized cases  住院病例

intensive care重病特別護理

a common flu  一般的感冒


symptom    [] 症狀

sore throat  喉嚨痛

fever 發燒








Ashley got sick since the weather was getting colder.

At first, she only had a runny nose. Then, she started to cough.

She didn’t go to see a doctor, because she thought she could wait.

She thought she could get over it just by drinking hot water and getting more rest.
However, things didn’t get better as she had expected them to.

She kept coughing more and more.

She felt very sick as if she would cough her lungs out.

Therefore, her parents took her to the doctor right away before it got even worse.









have a runny nose 流鼻水
cough vi. & n. 咳嗽
get over... 克服⋯⋯;從⋯⋯中恢復
It took Cindy more than a month to get over her cold.
文章來源 蘋果日報生活美語 http://www.appledaily.com.tw/appledaily/article/international/20170927/37794128/DON'TTAKEYOURCOLDLIGHTLY%EF%BC%81



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