Learn to Skate 學溜冰

Kate: Ouch! 

Ricky:  Did you hurt your knees

Kate: Not too bad. I can't seem to get my balance

Ricky: Try to lean forward more. Here, let me show you. 

Kate: Okay, let me try. Hm...I think I'm getting better. This is fun! 

Ricky: When you're ready, we can try to do "the train." 

Kate: That sounds good. Catch you later!

 1. knee 膝蓋   

2. get one's balance 維持...平衡  

3. lean 傾斜 

4. train 火車

5. catch 趕上 

《What to say when learning things from someone 》學習時,可說…  
  1. I understand. / I see. 我懂了。 

  2. Can you explain more? 你可以再解釋一下嗎? 

  3. I don't get it. 我不懂。 

  4. Let me think about that... 讓我想想… 

  5. Show me what you mean. 把你說的示範給我看。 



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