What documents do I need to open a new account?

document   證件,文件 

a driver's license 駕照
a passport 護照

ID         身份證
= identification  []

social security card  社會安全卡

alien resident card   外僑居留證

secondary proof of ID  第二證件
seal     []         印鑑

Business license or business registration

authorized signature and/or seal  原留印鑑
signature    []  簽名

Do you have your ID with you? 你有帶身份證嗎?


What type of account would you like to open?

checking account  支票帳戶
savings account 儲蓄存款帳戶

CD              定存帳戶 
=certificate of deposit account 

IRA             個人退休帳戶
=individual retiremnet account 

Individual Account      個人帳戶
Non-profit Organization 非營利法人
Non-profit Group        非營利團體


withdrawal slip  提款單
fill out a withdrawal slip  填提款單


Fill out 2 copies of “Application for postal passbook savings account”

Application for ATM card 金融卡申請書

collect the ATM card  領取金融卡

CD Deposit Slip   定期儲金開戶存款單

Postal Giro Deposit Slip  劃撥儲金存款單

Postal Giro Account Application Form


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