post office      郵局

bank                銀行

letter                    信
postcard            明信片
card                    卡片
envelope            信封 
package             包裹
parcel                 包裹

return address                 寄信人地址 
address of the recipient 收信人地址  
recipient  [] 接受者
zip code                              郵遞區號   
postmark                            郵戳 
stamp                                  郵票 

coin         硬幣 
bills          紙鈔 
change    零錢 
safe-deposit box   保險箱 
safe                         保險櫃 
ATM card                提款卡 
ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) 自動櫃員機 
passbook           存褶
withdraw             提款 
deposit                存款   []
transfer                轉帳
currency-exchange  兌幣

interest           利息
interest rate      利率  

monitor                  監視器  []
alarm                     警鈴 
teller                      銀行行員 
security guard     警衛     
money order   匯票 
check              支票 
stock               股票 
chop                印鑑    []

armored truck 運鈔車 
bank robber   銀行盜賊
loan          貸款
insurance     保險   []

Do you know where the nearest post office is?

The post office returned my letter
because I forgot to put on a stamp on it.
郵局把我的信退了回來, 因為我忘了貼郵票


open an account    開戶
I'd like to open an account.   我想開一個戶頭


a time deposit savings account 定期儲蓄戶頭
a one-year time deposit  account 一年期的定存戶頭
a savings account              儲蓄戶頭
a checking account             支票戶頭
What sort of deposit account would you like to open?

The minimum time period is three months.

The longer the period, the higher the interest rate.
期限越長, 利息越高

If you withdraw your money before time is up,
there are penalties.

penalty     懲罰,處罰 []


I have to go by the bank to deposit some money.


fill out 填(表格)
fill out these form
hand the form to the customer

minimum  deposit  最低存款
a minimum deposit of $1000 for the savings account

traveler's check  旅行支票
make out a check  開支票

Post Office郵局~Live生活部落‧圖解字典(可線上收聽每個單字的發音)郵件














   Making a Deposit 存款; 存錢

Practice the Conversations of This Topic with Mike

A: How are you doing?

B: Great. Thanks for asking.

A: What can I do for you today?

B: I would like to deposit some money.

A: Are you depositing cash or a check?

B: I want to deposit cash.

A: How much are you depositing?

B: I would like to deposit $300.

A: What account do you want your money in?

B: I want to deposit it into my checking account.

A: Do you need anything else?

B: No. That's all. Thank you.


A: How are you?

B: I'm fantastic!

A: What can I help you with?

B: I want to make a deposit today.

A: Cash or check?

B: It will be cash today.

A: How much do you want to deposit?

B: I need to deposit $300.

A: What account will you be depositing this money into?

B: Deposit it into my checking account.

A: What else can I do for you today?

B: That's all I need today. Thanks.



A: How are things with you?

B: I'm fine. Thank you.

A: How may I help you?

B: I need to make a deposit.

A: Will you be depositing cash or a check?

B: I will be depositing cash.

A: How much would you like to deposit?

B: It's going to be $300.

A: What account would you like to deposit that into?

B: Could you deposit that into my checking account, please?

A: Can I do anything else for you today?

B: That'll be all. Thank you very much.



I must get some money from the bank.


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