typhoon  [] 颱風
1. the approaching typhoon即將到來的颱風

2.after the typhoon          在颱風過後

3.be hit by typhoons     遭受颱風侵襲
=be lashed by typhoons
4.Taiwan is hit by typhoons almost every summer.



strong winds  強風

blow down     吹倒
The strong winds brought by Typhoon Morakot
blew down bamboo forests in the mountain area of Tainan County.

disaster []   (n.) 災害,災難

1. in disaster areas
2. serious disasters
3. disaster regions
4. to conduct disaster relief
5. if the disaster situation gets really serious

6.after the Morakot disaster 在莫拉克風災後



damage  []    (n)損害,損失; (v)損害,毀壞
1. do damage to...     對...有害;對...造成損害
2. do a lot of damage to... 造成很大的傷害
3. cause great damage  造成了極大的損害
4. reduce damage       減少損害
5. A torrent of rain came down and damaged the crops.
6. Typhoons usually strike Taiwan during July, August,
   and September, and do a lot of damage to the island.
7. do serious damage to our environment
8. ...was severely damaged by the previous typhoon





heavy rains      豪雨 
torrential  []  rain  豪雨


accumulate   []   (v) 累積
rainfall    []  (n) 降雨量

plenty of rainfall 充沛的雨量
accumulated rainfall  累積降雨量



result in   導致
flood  []    (n)洪水,水災; (v)淹沒;使泛濫
flooding (n)淹水

1. In 1975, the floods in that area made 233,000 people homeless.
2. result in floods 導致水災
3. The rice fields were flooded. 稻田被淹沒了。
4. the August 8th floods 八月八日的水災
5. The heavy rain has caused flooding in some parts of the country.
6. Our house was flooded last night due to the typhoon.
7. The heavy rains caused widespread flooding in the countryside.




in central and southern Taiwan 中南部
southern Taiwan  南台灣
threat of poor weather


in a low-lying area  在低窪地區
in the mountains     在山區



landslide   []   (n)土石流


mudslide []  (n)山崩

The mudslides were set off by the heavy rain. 豪雨引發土石流。

set off  激起、引發

Siaolin village was wiped out by landslides during the typhoon.

wipe out  消滅;徹底摧毀






《Typhoon English》

Many people are hoping for a typhoon day off tomorrow.
We may or may not get it, but here’s some useful ways to say day off.
很多人都希望明天可以放颱風假。雖然不知道明天到底會不會放, 但是以下是一些有關颱風假實用的句子。

Ways to say day off: 停班停課的說法:

*School and work were suspended due to the typhoon.
*The government closed schools and offices on Wednesday.
*Many flights and trains were cancelled due to the typhoon.
*We got a day off due to Typhoon Matmo.
*Schools and offices remain open.

Stay safe, stay dry, and take precautions to avoid danger!


"停水" 英文怎麼說?


>>> water service will be cut

Water service will be cut at 4 pm for Taipei City. 台北市四點會停水

The water supply will be suspended.


文章來源 https://www.facebook.com/StudioClassroom




Is the typhoon still on course or are we going to get lucky?


It looks like the typhoon's going to hit over the weekend, unfortunately.


This typhoon's off the coast of the Philippines as we speak and has wind speeds of nearly 145 miles per hour.
我們談話的當下颱風正在菲律賓外海,風速已接近每小時 145 英里。


 That's my hiking plans scuppered.


 To maximize your team's potential, it's vital that every member is committed and passionate about achieving success.


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