【FIFA English】看世足學英語:德國奪冠寫歷史!

closely-fought (v) 勝負難分;拉鋸戰
fresh face (n ) 新面孔
substitute (n) 替補人選
extra time (n) 延長時間
shot (n) 射門
victor (n) 勝利者
valiantly (adv) 英勇地
heads held high (idiom ) 仍為自己感到驕傲
win some, lose some (n phr ) 勝敗乃兵家常事

It was a closely fought game, with both Germany and Argentina playing well.

Both teams played tight defense with superb goalkeeping,

keeping both sides' stars from scoring.

In the end, it was a fresh face, 22 year-old Mario Gotze of German soccer

club Bayern Munich, who was substituted in,

and scored the winning goal at the 116th minute in extra time with a perfect shot

from his left foot that flung the ball far into the right corner of the Argentines' net.

The final score was Germany 1- Argentina 0.


最終,以一個新面 孔之姿,替補上場的22歲德甲拜仁慕尼黑球員葛斯,

在比賽進入第116分鐘延長賽的時候,用他的左腳自阿根廷網前右角破門而完美進球得分,讓比賽在最後以 德國一分對阿根廷零分收場。

Only one team can take home the trophy and be crowned victor,

but both teams played valiantly and can go home with heads held high.

In sports, as in life, one wins some, and loses some.

But the most important thing of all is to do your best and go further than you've ever gone before.



(文章來源 空中英語教室)


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