Many companies around the world

have been experimenting with automated stores

that serve customers without a staff of employees.

These stores use state-of-the-art hardware and software

to take the trouble out of shopping and checking out.



這些商店皆採用最先進的硬體設施以及軟體來免除購物及結帳的麻煩 事。


In late January of 2018,

the President Chain Store Corporation (PCSC) joined the ranks

by opening their first unmanned store in Taipei, Taiwan.

Located at their corporate headquarters,

this experiment has been called the X-store by the PCSC.


In order to serve customers more efficiently,

the X-Store has the latest technology,

including artificial intelligence, facial recognition software,

and special checkout hardware.

They have even built a few friendly robots

to clean the store and greet customers.


統一超商股份有限公司(或簡稱統一超商)於 2018 年一月下旬透過在臺灣的臺北總部開設了第一家無人商店來加入自動化趨勢的行列。

位於該公司總部的這個實驗店面被統一超商稱為 X-Store。


X-Store 配有含人工智慧臉部辨識軟體以及特殊結帳設備最新技術




★unmanned a.(地方)無人看管的;無人駕駛的
★automated a. 自動化的
★corporation n.(股份有限)公司
★corporate a. 公司的;全體的,共同的
★join the ranks (of...) 成為(某群體中)的一員
It is expected that more people will join the ranks of the unemployed at the beginning of next year.








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