Eating Sticky Rice Balls 吃元宵囉^^

Mother: Tell me how many sticky rice balls you want and which flavors. 
We have sesame, peanut, and meat. 

Father: I want two sesame and one meat, dear. 

Kate: I want one sesame and three peanut, please. 

Kate's brother: I'll have one of each. Thanks!
Mother: Be careful. It's hot! 

Kate: Yummy

Kate's brother: Sure. 

Father: Can I take my new lantern to a park?
1. rice 米      

2. sticky 有黏性的   

3. flavor 口味      

4. sesame 芝麻  
5. peanut 花生 

6. careful 有用的 

7. yummy 美味的


《What to say when making a choice》選擇時,可說…  
  1. That's the one I want. 那是我要的。 

  2. That one for sure. 鐵定是那個。
  3. I'm not sure which one to choose. 我不確定要選哪一個。 

  4. (It) doesn't matter. 沒差啦∕那個都行。 

  5. Either one is fine. 哪一個都可以。





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