Happy Lunar New Year 新年快樂

1. 當北風正呼呼地吹時,農曆新年又在望了

2. 空氣中洋溢著興奮,每個人都心情愉快

3. 新年除夕全家圍桌用餐,享受團圓

4. 當鐘敲十二響時,我們燃鞭炮送舊年迎新年

5. 展臂迎新年時, 我祝大家新年快樂成功


   be on the horizon
=be around the corner
=be fast approaching
=be near at hand

一陣風   a gust of wind


   be filled with
=be full of
=be teaming with
=be rich in
=be abundant in

心情快樂    be in a joyful mood
心情好        be in a good mood
心情壞        be in a bad mood
有心情做..  be in a mood for...

在新年除夕時 on New Year's Eve

家庭團聚     a family reunion

敲      strike

放鞭炮  set off firecrackers
放煙火  set off fireworks

迎新年送舊年  see the new year in and the old year out


5. 希望, 祝福  wish






1. While gusts of north wind are blowing,
the Chinese Lunar New Year is again seen on the horizon.

2.The air is filled with  excitement and everyone is
in a joyful mood.

3. On New Year's Eve, the whole family feast at a round table,
enjoying this family reunion.

4. When the clock strikes twelve, we set off firecrackers
to see the new year in and the old year out.

5. Welcoming the new year with open arms, I wish everybody
a happy and
successful new year.


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