What I Am Planning to Do This Year今年我計劃要做的事

1. 隨著新年的到來,我又大了一歲

2. 今年我計劃要做兩件去年沒做到的事

3. 首先我要養成規律運動的習慣,這樣我可以保持健康

4. 其次,我要藉著更常聽收音機和讀英文報紙來增進我的英文

5. 我知道這個目標很難達成,但是只要我保持決心,我就可以成功




1. 隨著新年的到來,...
   With the coming of a new year,....

2. 我計劃要...
   I am planning to V

   ...two things (which) I failed to do last year.

   fail  to V   沒有做到

3. 養成...的習慣
   get into the habit of ...

   stay fit
  =stay healthy

4. 增進某人的英文
   improve one's English

5. 達成目標
   achieve the goal
  =attain the goal

   as long as...

   堅定的   determined

   保持決心 stay determined

   成功     make it =succed



1. With the coming of a new year, I am a year older.

2. This year, I'm planning to do two things I failed to do last year.


3. First, I want to get into the habit of exercising regularly so that
    I can stay fit.

4. Second, I want to improve my English by listening to the radio 
    and reading English newspaper much more often.

5. I know this goal may be hard to achieve, but as long as I 
    stay determined, I can make it.


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